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About Share-A-Space

When talent meets opportunity, it nurtures success. Providing an environment to startups and entrepreneurs to attain that success, is our goal at share-a-space. A shared office space, where your ideas mushroom to realities. Coworking place to meet people , utilize the convenience of technology and avail some great tailor made services. Share a coffee with like-minded people , while you breathe life into your dreams. The perfect place in Aundh, center of Pune, for startups and young entrepreneurs to focus on success and leave the nitty gritty of facility management to us.

Share-A-Space is always focused on helping our clients – freelancers, startups and young entrepreneurs - to build a successful business by providing excellent coworking space services along with other required services to run their business

Our Space Portfolio

Our Vision And Mission

We meet and get to know you. You describe your requirement
We provide the coworking shared office space to realize your vision and we deliver a great environment.

Platform to Ideate

Share-A-Space provides a congenial platform for ideas to pollinate, germinate and grow into full-fledged businesses. It gives a platform for like-minded people to come together and share their skills, aspirations and collaborate to achieve their goals. Freelancers/ startups/ entrepreneurs can leverage the congenial corporate environment to work without the hassle of owning their personal offices.

Best in class Infrastructure

Stylish yet Affordable, Efficient yet Simple, Corporate yet Casual. Share-A-Space provides you with an infrastructure that your business needs. We provide independent Agile coworking workspace for your team; private meeting rooms, conference rooms for confidential discussions; training rooms where you can plan sessions for your teams or clients and open spaces where individual contributors can work peacefully and also ideate with like-minded people. In short you name your requirement and we are confident of meeting it.

Focused on helping our clients to build a successful business by providing excellent coworking space services in Aundh, Pune.


It's not just a space ! It's an environment where you work, build and grow...



  • Starts at 6500 / seat /month
    6 days in a week
  • Workdesk with AC & Wifi
  • Inverter backup
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  • Starts at 5000 / seat / month
    6 days in a week
  • Workdesk with Wifi
  • Inverter backup
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On demand

  • Hourly pass starts at 80/ hr
  • Daily pass starts at 400/ Day
  • Conference room, Training room,
    Meeting room bookings
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We do things differently.Focused on helping our clients
to build a successful business by providing excellent space services.

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    Corolla, S. No. 243/4, Opp. Allahabad Bank,
    Nr. Siddharth Residency, Aundh,Pune,
    Maharashtra - 411067.

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    +91 8999742822

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