Share-A-Space is a coworking space and more! Share-A-Space is a collaborative coworking community. It hosts not just a coworking space but a range of services at one location. You will find access to advisors, counsellors, mentors for your professional and emotional needs. Share-A-Space offers premier shared office spaces in Pune, designed to provide the ultimate environment for productivity and collaboration.
Share-A-Space is an ideal transition from the informal to the formal. While it radiates the comfort of an informal working space, it also provides a formal setting for you to step into the corporate world. Share-A-Space coworking space is ideal for corporates, start ups, entrepreneurs and individual professionals. Share-A-Space presents versatile co-working office solutions tailored to accommodate startups, small to mid-sized companies, large enterprises, and freelancers alike.
We aim to make your journey easier and stress-free as you achieve your goals and build your success stories along with Share-A-Space.


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